To add a server to your WHMCS , You will need to follow the following steps on how to setup a server successfully:

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin area.

2) Go to the WHMCS tab and look for the Spanner Tool, Afterwards click on System Settings

3) Click on Servers

4) Click on Add new server

5)Add your server details “HOSTNAME ARE IP ADRESS OF SERVER”, USERNAME and PASSWORD are details provided from host in your Email

6) API Token needs to be created at your WHM, Login to you WHM and search for API

7) Click on Manage API Tokens, then click on GENERATE TOKEN

8)Give your API a name and allow all Basic Privileges

9)Save your Token

10)Copy and Paste the API token by your WHMCS server settings you currently have open . Click on ” Yes, I saved my token” AFTER YOU COPIED IT

11) The last step are to paste your API token and Click on “Test Connection”. If it failed, Please start the process over again as this may mean you did something wrong or filled in the wrong details.

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