As a Reseller you will be able to:

Get to act as a hosting company and make money hosting and creating websites to easily make profit. Design your own hosting hosting plans and packages. You will be able to host and bill your customers using your unique brand. You have the ability to make independent cPanel control panels for each of your customers. Save money with low initial start up costs with the opportunity to upgrade later

What is Reseller Hosting

 Reseller hosting is when businesses sell website space to businesses and individuals. The client will buy a big amount of space and bandwidth from a hosting provider like Hosting-SA. You will be able to resell the space and bandwidth to other customers and add your own custom packages to resell.

Why choose us as your hosting provider

Get the Following for free when choosing a perfect package to start your business:

You will get the following unlimited deals at Hosting-SA, Bandwidth, Traffic, Databases, Website Builder, Free SSL certificate.

Our mission is to give our customers the best experience on how to begin their own company and make a success of their hosting business. We have a 24/7 support line where a consultant will help you setup your business for free or contact us on 0210231904 to talk about your business goals.

Do you need a boost on a package that are provided on Hosting-SA? , No worries, We got you covered. For only R19.99 for the first month you can start your own business. Use our Coupon “FIRST99” at checkout for any of our Hosting Packages provided on Hosting-SA.

Do you need a domain for your business? , At only R99 you can register your domain by us for your business. Create your professional business emails when registering.

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